Current progress on my final for animation class. 

6 hours of work. 50-ish frames. About half way complete. 

Mister Tomato’s gunna run away and jump in the sink. 

I’m starting to prefer physical pencil and paper over digital dispite it being immensely time-consuming. 


Sharkman enemy!

What game is this and when can I play it? 




Here’s my reel from a month ago. I’ve been making so many reels lately. reelnado. (also psst, the dance animation is in there with the music)

I can’t sleep so I learned how to make gifs in Photoshop. 

I can’t sleep so I learned how to make gifs in Photoshop. 

Minimal ducks cause I had some free time

  1. p4nicdrunk said: where

At an abandoned middle school somewhere along John C Lodge. I can’t tell you which one since all the signs are unreadable. An old guy with an enormous mutt walked through and scared the heck out of us though. Highly recommended. 



I’m not super great at gif-ing things, but here you guys go!

It’s cool, scrolling through Tumblr and thinking “hey, I just saw this at the lecture hall. This girl goes to my school.”


I’m not super great at gif-ing things, but here you guys go!

It’s cool, scrolling through Tumblr and thinking “hey, I just saw this at the lecture hall. This girl goes to my school.”

I really, REALLY love the Aquabats Super Show



New Controls:
WAD - Movement
S - Get Out
Q - Check Map

I accidentally left the health bar on a layer beneath the planets. No biggie.

-Other planets
-Dynamic camera
-Backdrop and stars
-Exiting ship (while grounded)


Have at it!

The local chapter of the NRA has begun market testing some possible new slogans. These include:

‘Guns don’t kill people - blood loss and organ damage does!’

‘Guns don’t kill people, people kill guns’

‘A list of things that kill people: one - conceivably anything! Two - not guns!’

‘Guns don’t kill people, we are all immortal souls living temporarily in shelters of earth and meat’

And, ‘If you say guns kill people one more time, I will shoot you with a gun, and you will, coincidentally, die’

To vote on the new slogan, simply fire a gun at the object or person that best represents your choice.

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 25 - One Year Later

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A video log?? No way!

Progress for another game. I gave up on my last one because it’s not fun to play and it’s not fun to make. 

Thing in the video.
Original Marble

Additional notes:

- The current graphics are temporary.
- I don’t have my good mic
- There’s a health bar on the bottom to give you an idea of how well you’re landing. 
- The gravity is physically accurate. If you launch into space, it’ll take a long, long time for you to come back. 
- Future updates include getting out of the ship and other planets to explore
- Don’t forget to have fun : ) !!


The sequel to Marble.

You’re a galactic exterminator who’s always on call, flying around from planet to planet zappin pests and gettin paid. With a spaceship and a ray gun (and buyable upgrades like a jetpack and the bombs from the first game), you bring peace to the solar neighborhood by killing space boogies and goons… like ghost busters! Sound fun?


I finally got access to my Twitter archive. By request, here are my #noirfiction tweets from quite a ways back:

She was a nutty broad, with hair that was bonkers, and legs that just didn’t make any sense at all #noirfiction

She had a pair of legs that wouldn’t quit, no matter how politely you asked #noirfiction

She was the kind of dame where you couldn’t wait for her to leave so you could write about her on your blog #noirfiction

It was a dark and stormy…. DAY #noirfictiontwists

Her legs only went halfway up and then there was just an inescapable shrieking void, like all women #noirfictiontwists #noirbydavesim

She had legs that went all the way up, and so did the rest of her. “Get back down here,” I said. She looked at me and said “No” #noirfiction

She had a nice set of legs, and then a second, less-nice set she’d found in her foyer. That’s why she came to me. #noirfiction

Her legs were like a metaphor, and the imagery they brought to mind was extreme evocative #noirfiction

She had a body like a poem, and a face like a limerick #noirfiction

She was a real classy broad: top hat, monocle, tuxedo, twirled mustache… oh wait #noirfiction

Normally a dame like this would put me on every edge I had, but nectarines were in season and I had an entire bag. #noirfiction

She had a torso and then two weird lower limbs sticking out of the bottom of it. What were those things #noirfiction

I never cared for conversation, so I let my gun do the talking. Problem was, he was shy too #noirfiction

It’s a dirty job in a dirty city, but I’m not the cleanest guy so that’s fine by me. The name’s Paul Blart… Mall Cop. #noirfiction #blart

He had a face like a stack of pancakes and whenever he talked he sprayed butter and syrup everywhere #noirfiction

She stormed into my office like a hurricane, swinging her arms around and knocking over all my things. “Hey,” I said. #noirfiction

She had a face like this :) and a pair of legs to match < #noirfiction

She had a nice face. It was pretty. She was in my office. I was a detective! It was my first day of being a detective. #noirfiction

She had a pair of legs that ended in rollerskates and the kind of body that could stay upright #noirfiction

She had a face like a zen koan: thought-provoking but impossible to figure out #noirfiction